The Vegetable Plot are an award-winning bunch of roots musicians who have sprung from the underground on a radical mission: to get kids to fall in love with vegetables!




We believe that music and storytelling are more powerful than lectures and statistics. We also know that the most important role models in a young person’s life are their parents. That’s why we make earthy, joyful music designed to appeal to adults as much as kids. Some of our biggest fans listen even when the kids aren’t in the car!



Dig this. A study published in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2017 announced that 80% of Aussie kids are not eating enough veg. Poor nutrition during the formative years of the gut has been linked to the alarming spike in chronic, auto-immune diseases in our young people. It’s time to start winning the war against these diseases by changing the way we think about food: one dinner table, one lunchbox, one smashed avocado at a time.



Luke Escombe (aka Aspara Gus) is a singer/songwriter, musician, comedian and health advocate. He's also the proud Dad of a little boy who knows the words to every Vegetable Plot song!


Read more about Luke at his website: www.lukeescombe.com




Our shows feature real musicians playing and singing live, not aerobics instructors in rubber suits dancing to a backing track. We give kids a taste of the roots of modern music - from blues shuffles, to reggae skanks, lowdown funk grooves and country hoedowns. Our lyrics are filled with jokes and puns to show kids that language isn’t just something you learn to pass a test, it’s an elastic substance to be played with and enjoyed.




One night under the soil, a bunch of vegetables hear music playing. They poke their heads up out of the ground and….whooooosh….are abducted by aliens from the planet Wambamboobaloo!


Aboard the alien spaceship, the aliens fire their laser beams and transform the veggies into super beings, giving them the “power of the human voice”. Now these soil brothers and sisters have been sent back to earth on a mission of love and “peas”. But is the world ready for their intergalactic roots music or will they be dismissed as another "green conspiracy"?



The war on toxic food and food waste is now a mainstream movement. We see it in schools, in homes, in community gardens and urban farms, even in supermarkets. The food revolution is happening people! But revolution is a long process, and we're all going to get tired along the way. That’s where music comes in.

The food revolution needs a soundtrack.

We hope the Vegetable Plot can be part of it.