The Vegetable Plot - Season One CD


The Vegetable Plot - Season One CD


What Mums are saying about our CD....

The best CD for kids I've ever heard -Sophia

Thanks for your great show at the Sydney Festival. We grabbed a copy of your CD and the kids can't stop singing the songs - Lisa

My kids are obsessed with this sound track. Highly recommended for 2-44 yrs! - Roz

I saw you play at the Seymour Centre and bought your CD which is just brilliant- I listen even when the kids are not in the car!!!  - Lorin

My 9yr old daughter and I have it on constant rotation in our place and she knows all the words! Her favourite is Avocado! - Jenny


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Album Credits

Created and written by Luke Escombe

Recorded at Vienna People Studios, Sydney

Produced by Michael McGlynn

Mastered by Willy Bowden

Assistant engineer - Scotty Donnelly



Luke Escombe (guitars, bass, keyboard, percussion)

Michael McGlynn (piano, synth, programming, percussion)

Ross Harrington (saxes, clarinet)

Aaron Flower (guitars)

Jamie Cameron (drums)

Noel Mason (upright and electric bass)


Luke Escombe - Aspara Gus

Hannah Crofts - Sue Kini

Georgia Mooney - Collie Flower

Katie Wighton - Ru Barb

Elana Stone - Rockit Lettuce

Michael McGlynn - Tom Ato

Aaron Houston - Bro Colini

 Dominic Santangelo - Artie Choke

Lionel Cole - Butternut Squash



Sophie Meyer, Alice Russell, Maddison Coelho-DosSantos, Connor McComb, Harry Escombe, Jade and Ciara Troeger